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Acharya Pankaj Painuly, one of the best astrologers in Delhi is famous for his accurate future prediction capabilities. He has more than 20 years of exp in jyotish astrology and well versed with traditional astrology, palmistry, vastu and so on.

Acharya Pankaj has graduated in Sanskrit from Sampoorna Nanda Sanskrit university Banaras and his master’s degree with distinction from H.N.B Garwal university, Srinagar, one of the reputed university of India. Acharya Pankaj studied Bhagbat Katha from Srinath Bhagwat Maha Vidyalaya, vrindavan. He has a proud author of Jyotish Sutrabali. He was a Trainer in sanskrit academy orientation course Delhi.

Acharya Pankaj is a founder member of the Bhartiya Prachya vigyan punarutthan sansthan. He has organised state level jyotish sammelan on sept 2007 at Rishikesh with the presence of chief guest jagadguru shankaracharya swami swaroopanand saraswati ji maharaj. He also Organised 2 times state level sanskrit sammelan sponsored by HRD, Janakpuri new delhi.

Acharya Pankaj has been Involved in many jyotish activities, which made him a popular face in Jyotish community. The predictions and solutions offered by this great astrologer, will surely assist you in overcoming difficult times and looking forward to a bright future.

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I have been taking Acharya Pankaj Painuly astrology services from last 8 years and he had introduced by one of my close friend in Delhi. The prediction worked perfectly fine for me and there has been a lot of positive changes in my life, both on the career front and on the personal front. Get in touch with him for jyotish consulting services.

Manoranjan Nanda - Astrologer

Acharya Pankaj ji is definitely very skilled in Astrology having a vast knowledge, and has given us accurate predictions and providing suitable solutions as per the problems.

Ram Sharma - Astrologer

As a Jyotish, he is very diligent. In this field there is a lot of commercialization and fake one's. He is one of the rare one's who is honest and genuine. I have known him for 20 years, first as a Jyotish and then as a person. In Delhi, if you are looking to consult a Jyotish whom you can trust, then you can do it blindly. He is very knowledgeable. He will guide you well and perform puja which will give positive results. As a person, he is very polite, caring and understanding. God bless you Pandit ji so that you help a lot of people with your 'Divya Drishti' and Jyotish knowledge.

SSaurabh Prtap - Astrologer

ACHARYA PANKAJ GIVES VERY VALUABLE AND ACCURATE PREDICTION REALTED TO WELL BEING OF LIFE AND IF ANY solution is required for such issues, he gives very informative and workable ideas. We recommend for others to contactcones if any hurdle in life is happening.

ANSHU MISHRA - Astrologer

मैं पंडित जी पंकज जी को सन 2003 से जानता हूँ और मैं हमेशा उनसे अपने और अपने परिवार के लिए उनसे प्रमास करता रहता हूँ और काफी अच्छा अनुभव है मुझे उनके ज्योतिष ज्ञान का।

Sandeep Joshi - Astrologer

आपका बहुत-बहुत आभार। शुभकामनाएं

Sushil Girdhar - Astrologer

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